go with the flaw.

In the music,
say the word,
see the light,
join the herd,
Levit comes,
Levit goes,
diamond memories,
go with the flow

Sweet seduction in a magazine,
endless pleasure in a limousine,
in the back shakes a tambourine,
Nicotine from a silver screen



Lanegan δαίμονας.

It’s late enough to go drivin
And see what’s mine
That’s a study of dying
How to do it right
You’re a holy roller
Get your bed in the loose
If you’re hanging around
I’m holdin the noose

Come a little bit closer
And get on tight
In a hurse rollin over
Just a track in the line
Fuck it

Come on, let’s go drivin
Come on, let’s take a little ride
That’s the study of dying
How to do it right


και εδώ όλο το Live: