bare your naked church into my mouth.

I could not shift the shadow
Or form sugar from your halos
Channel table taps from ghosts of gods
Proud and slept in steep ships

Mixed mythology with pathology
Tossed a coin and hymn that grows
When did you sent the wind drop
And count the codes of seeds

When did you call the night bright
And drink the sex of stars
Or might you cartoon Judas
And cast in flower blooms

Your breath flickered next to my breath
Humming noise and rhyming sweet songs
That your mouth had heaped up like rivers
And buried deeper in your hearts

Unzipped aeons and cradled antlers
Opened your face and gave your grave
Open true moon, open thousand nights
And pause under mountain flames

Dispelled the gardens as the cock crowed
And spoke slowly as the laughter rose
In dragonflies and pussy-willows
Dreamt your lips like kings and queens

So open up your mouth
And in your invisible church
Under sun while cats purr
Gorgeous dreams under dark nights
And tender rinds under swallow flights
And lovely bird songs sings

And what is the cost of sand in an ark?
What is the cost of blood as mist
What is the cost of the child in your heart?
Where does his castle face
Where is the coat teller war?
And tell me your great name
In torrents of birds, kiss me your real name
And wait for the sun to bring you open

And bare your naked church into my mouth



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