I am. How can?

They say I’m not supposed to care,
Keep walking with my head high,
But every time I go somewhere,
I feel the dread inside they eyes.
I am. How can?
How can I let it fly?
Condemned, they still,
So I’m here to testify.

You the devil.
You the one that divides this place,
This land, so dividing.
If united we stand,
then we bound to fall,
Children walk on both hands,
While man still learnin’ to crawl.
Children f*cking blow up malls,
Grown men f*cking blow up dolls.
I’m not the perfect man,
And I never claim to be.
I’ve done some things in my time,
Even I’m ashamed of me.
I am, the hand, they killing in the name of me.
How can, they care, when they takin’ aim at me?
Staring so aimlessly, it’s so plain to see
They digging that hole, under the stairs
They follow the echoes, of this everlasting prayer



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