There is a sorrow to be desired.

This fear is only the beginning
All for the loving hand
Yes I smile and I agree
It is a good night to shiver
A good tounge might make it right
All Ive said above a whisper

There is a sorrow to be desired
To be sorrows desire

What they say is true
It is a dirty blue
This color around you
Your curled up warm
In your own little corner of Sodom
Did you agree to believe
This fall has no bottom

There is a sorrow to be desired
To be sorrows desire

All we move by the book of numbers
Im held together by string
Ii hear not the voices of others
The bells of Leuven ring
Fear not the faces of brothers
Ive come apart it seems

I see not the faces are covered
Im in your amber ring
Your amber ring



2 thoughts on “There is a sorrow to be desired.

  1. cyberwhispers Ιανουαρίου 5, 2013 / 10:53

    φωνές που σε κάνουν ν` ανατριχιάζεις, αξίζει πραγματικά οι στίχοι να γίνονται μελωδίες…Καλή χρονιά Πρίγκηπα.

    • CobaLus Ιανουαρίου 5, 2013 / 17:09

      Καλή μας δημιουργική χρονιά 🙂

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