Don’t say goodnight and mean goodbye.

Tonight you’re actin strange I find
And you got something on your mind.
Somethings wrong, I can see it,
See it in your eyes.
Whoa darlin,
Don’t say goodnight and mean goodbye.

Oh, it may just be all in my mind
But tonight doesn’t seem like other times
Then you were laughing and gay
But now I hear you sighing, oh yes I do.
Whoa whoa whoa darlin,
Don’t say goodnight and mean goodbye.

Have I lost touch with your heart,
Or do I just worry too much?
I couldnt stand for us to part
Because I love you much, much too much.

So don’t let this kiss be our last kiss
Let there be other nights of holding you like this
Please don’t walk away, pretty baby
With that look in your eyes.
Oh no no, whoa darling,
Don’t say goodnight and mean goodbye
Whoa oh oh baby,
Don’t say goodnight and mean goodbye
Oh oh oh, don’t say goodnight and mean goodbye.


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