I’ll be your woman and you can be mine.

i’ll be your woman with unwavering eyes
Aflame with the spirits and the mysteries of life
The hands of a healer and a samurai
I’ll be your woman and you can be mine.

I’ll be the gypsy on a path through the trees
The deal maker with front row seats
Who turns from the armchair and the picket line
I’ll be your woman and you can be mine.

Not your princess, not your stallion-
an ambiguous complex creature
Not your teacher, not your shivering doll-
But hunkier than your neighbor
Not your mummy, not your daddy-
I’m over being daddy
Not your stallion, don’t you lay down-
Get yourself a sailor

I’ll be the mirror where you are a queen
Your fellow magician of the waking dream
Hung with a hammer and a glass of wine
I’ll be your woman and you can be mine.


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