It’s gonna make you mine!

Take the blood out of an alligator, heh
Take the left eye out a fish, heh-heh
Take the skin off of a frog, heh-heh
Heh, and mix it all up in a dish

Add a cup of green swamp water
And then count from one to nine
Spill over your left shoulder
You got alligator wine

Alligator wine, ha-ha, ha-ha
Your porcupine, ha
It’s gonna make you mine
Oh yeah! It’s gonna make you mine

It’ll make your head bald, baby
I say, it’ll make your toes freeze
It’ll turn your blood turn into steam (FSHHH!)
It’ll make you cough and sneeze

You gotta scream like an eagle
You gotta roar like a mountain lion
When you get finished drinkin’
Good old alligator wine

Alligator wine
Your porcupine
It’s gonna make you mine

Meet me at the stroke of midnight
By the swamp down in the wood
I’m gonna make you love me, baby
Like you never thought you could

You gonna break my magic potion
And your bloodshot eye is gonna shine
You gonna be scared forever
Too much alligator wine

Alligator wine
Your porcupine
It’s gonna make you mine

Alligator wine…


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