Knowing the dream will remain just a dream.

Half breathing, half awake
Hard to see what’s real and fake
Half beating, burnt-hearted
My hopes have all departed

Empty heart, empty head
Just the drone of an end
Trails of sun spot the air
All the stars in your hair

And I dream of the day
When you and I are one
When under heavy rain
I’ll be there to hold your hand

Mind on fire, body broken
Still remember when you’ve spoken
«I have a heart that’s mine to rip…»
But mine’s is yours to keep.

Yeah, I dream of the day
When I could ease your pain
And it’s hurting me so much
Knowing the dream will remain
Just a dream…

And I’ll always be longing for you
Yes I’ll always be dreaming for you
Yes I’ll always be craving for you
Yes I’ll always be a stranger to you

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