i know, i know.

The crumpled ocean with no boat trip
Well dark waters stole my clothing
A shape stirs beneath me
A pulse pounds along blood streams

First pint marks the beginning of the clothless wrestle
The clothless, I know
Bare those teeth to me please my eater
You can sit only, naked with fear

This is the test I left plans for
To grip flesh and pull muscle
In a vice grip of the struggle
I can’t give in to

We owe the clothless wrestle
The clothless, I know
I know
I know
I know

My enemy, please stay close to me
With no breath left, cold breath thief

Your last gasp, with a burst lung
They fight fathers, the weak sons
The last taste of salt in my mouth
The skin breaks
With no sound at all, Limb from limb
There is bone, there is gristle
I’m despairing

In the clothless wrestle
The clothless I know

I know
I know
I know
I know



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