..and everyone.

παλιά βιντεοκασέτα.
η γιορτή της σαύρας.
και ο βασιλιάς της.

ακούγοντας τη σονάτα της καταστροφής..

το άσυλο με τους γήινους.
τα δάκρυα.
το τυφλό βλέμμα στον ήλιο.
η φωνή του πατέρα για ύπνο.

το βιβλίο κλείνει.
η λάμπα σβήνει.

και η τελευταία συγχορδία που λυτρώνει.

He threw his arms around the horse’s neck
and kissed him everywhere
i love my horse

a crowd gathered
his landlord appeared and took Friedrich back up to his room on the second floor
where he began to play the piano madly and sing madly like


«ooooooh…..i’m crucified
and inspected
and resurrected

and if you don’t believe that i’ll give you my latest philanthropic sonata!»

and the landlord’s family was amazed
so they sent for his friend Overbeck and he got there in three days by coach
and they took Friedrich to the asylum
and his mother joined him
and for the next fifteen years
they cried and cried and laughed and looked at the sun
..and everyone.

Ατάκα κι επιτόπου

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